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The reoccupation of Constantinople by the Byzantines in 1262 marked the last stages of the empire’s existence.The Ottomans gradually began to seize parts of the empire from the 14th Century A.Explore Dodoni, the place where the famous oracle used to be in ancient times, pay a visit at the famous Theater of Dodoni, the largest in antiquity and finally taste some of the most delicious feta, the in Greece.Archeological areas, Byzantine monasteries and churches, traditional settlements and ski resorts complete the fascinating natural beauty of Thessaly and make it a popular holiday destination.The Greek City-States established colonies as far as Spain to the west, the Black Sea to the north and N. After the death of Alexander, the vast empire he had created was then divided among his generals, leading to the creation of the kingdoms that would prevail during the Hellenistic Period (3rd - 1st Century B. In this period the Greek City-States remained more or less autonomous, but lost much of their old power and prestige. This shift marked the beginning of the Byzantine Years, during which Greece became part of the Byzantine Empire.Africa to the south (2nd Greek colonization) and laid the foundations for the acme during the Classical Period. C.) were characterized by the cultural and political dominance of Athens, so much so that the second half of the 5th Century B. was subsequently called the “Golden Age” of Pericles. The appearance of the Romans on the scene and the final conquest of Greece in 146 B. After 1204, when Constantinople was taken by Western crusaders, parts of Greece was apportioned out to western leaders, while the Venetians occupied strategic positions in the Aegean (islands or coastal cities), in order to control the trade routes.

You’ll find unspoilt fishing villages full of tranquil charm or fulfilling , Byzantine churches, unique villages and alluring castles amidst stunning natural beauty, mountains and forest, rivers and caves, make this part of Greek land ideal for holidays, touring, sports and culture.Discover breathtaking with its clear waters and golden sand beaches, bays, little islands and green landscapes that will make your dream vacation come true!Don’t miss, the unique beauty of Serres nature, the picturesque cities of Drama, (the mythical mountain lakes) and the untamed slopes provide a plethora of activities (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking etc.) in a scenery of singular beauty, as well as the rivers of Epirus which offer other activities such as kayak, , a group of 46 villages located all over the slopes of the mountains.This period was marked by the formation of the Greek City-States, the creation of the Greek alphabet and the composition of the Homeric epics (end of the 8th Century B. The Archaic Years that subsequently followed (7th - 6th Century B. The Macedonians, with Philip II and his son Alexander the Great, began to play a leading role in Greece. Christianity, the new religion that would depose Dodekatheon worshipping, then spread all over Greece through the travels of Apostle Paul during the 1st Century A. The decision by Constantine the Great to move the capital of the empire from Rome to Constantinople (324 A.C.) were a period of major social and political changes. Alexander’s campaign to the East and the conquest of all the regions as far as the Indus River radically changed the situation in the world, as it was at that time. D.), shifted the focus of attention to the eastern part of the empire.

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