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The Executive Committee represent FIDIC in order to maintain and enhance its image on the global scene.

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Far as Windows 7, you are running an outdated OS that's losing support by the day, is there a specific reason you downgraded the OS on your PC to an unsupported OS that handles hardware in a far inferior manner and would result in diminished performance?I even found an article on the ASUS website explaining the process.They even have a little tool that patches a Windows 7 installation file with what it needs to make it function on UEFI enabled BIOS Motherboards.Since my G20 doesn't come pre-installed with Windows 7 (any version) and ASUS themselves haven't listed anything but the BIOS updates under the Windows 7 support tab for my computer I just want to make sure I don't screw anything up.Also Windows 7 doesn't or didn't support UEFI BIOS by default, but can be made to work properly with UEFI BIOS through a few tweaks.

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