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Illustrations drawn [rum one's own eaperienes or obrerva- day h not pleasant to eontemplate_ To what gallon (as everything else purely Jewish has. But circumstances must hot be overdrawn t0rmake them fit.- extent these prechneeptions of-Chrhtians are justl: passed away), thht_gh its exemplary and typical An Illustration copied from some very well known person.often be made more forceful by fled by the -facts of history will now be examined, lessohs are, evident still," concerning which Dr. Hessey says, "It is perfectly evident that Origen " When was the Lord's day first called the Sah- is here drawing a transcendental picture of the bath?There is no Biblical.authority for-It, nn- Old-time instructors used to emphasize the necessity of the preacher's development of the less it he" the translation ol_ ,certain texts by life of a Christian, which-he sets forth under.the"homiietical instinc L" By this they meant that the preacher should look at everything through which "Sabbath" should be given as the cur- allegor Y of the keeping of the Jewish Sabbaththe eyes of a preacher and read with the thought of giving to othem _vhatever he hhmelf might rect rendering of sabbatoon, now invariably given_ He who lives in the manner which is described ,learn. 1930 Ngt_'zm R 7 "IIt smawadea ttahielinvgerywolmigahnt, osfin.dkaiyng mdoowren', luminous. monthly journal devoted to the interests of the ministers of all ' • Footsore and cold.. George Whitefield, the great Moth- denominations who vreach 1_e full gospel A suit hand "covered her--the, humble gownt odist preacher, r'vrhink[" he replied, "1 tell "y Ou, Wrought into gold, my dear sir, every Sunday that I go to my pax- , J. Chapman, Ec Ti¢or- Gr Ow straightway imperishahlej and will be ish churcli I can build a ship from stem to stern .........................................................................................................................................................................2..*.._:[ shown under the sermlon; but under Mr, Whitefield I s ECURING CHURCH ATTENDANCE To smiling angels gathered round the Judgment cannot lay a single plank[" By Tnv, Eaton throne.Of course we major on the sermon, but there are not very many eloquent reference to the Lord's day, but to be .enforced is not lawful.An nlustration which needs to be .explained is no good. most people at the statement that it is not bind- conserning the Jewish Sabbath, said, "As for the illustration which places a race o I class or known individual in ludicrous light is not up to the ing upon Christians for the keeping of the first Sabbath, it hns-passed away as a matter of ob U- best atundard of Christian ethics.that the service of the church can make womhip more prominent and some way get US. C.b..hllu*rhclhngat Hotht_o H_Nf.2.a.9.z._.a..r.e..n. T.e.r...o..o_.._.u.r.b..a A..t_.l.n•..,t.l.o_..n.'.m. - $entlmentallg, n 'shoutd never overstep the hounds of Bropristy. II104 THE PREACHER' S MAGAZINE TIl E PREACHER' S MAGAZINE 19_; prayer of every form and kind and worship and personal "drawing nigh" is the real object of .' - the services of tile churcb? a _ bath, agquired the title' of the Puritan Sah-" A. Hil L, of Pasadena College, and Dr.preacher becomes a successful money raiser it is easy for him to make a sort of hobby ol that.all tu thinking more of the importance of the silent worshiper? Out'speclal price to mlnhterg .i "Skinflint'-rdlglnn is like counterfeit maney_ _'_',[_0, " ') (Delivery extra) '_._ worthless. Can't churcl_ going be made to yield better returns to the average '_",investor? bath from" the strict observance of the day by Olive M.

Testament, the Hebrew word Shabua, translated the twelfth century, but the Jewsh Sabbath withbefore them at all times.

Greek, Moreover, sabbcaoon is not the Greek So £abbatf Chri_tlani does not mean "Chrhtlan Every pastor knows th,lt he must keep proper objective before his people.

He must keep their word for week; in the Septuagint, or Greek Old Sabbath," or Lord's day, a phrase not tn use untileyes filled with visions of.

poor and uninteresting, it is'all but impossible to keep people coming.regularly. cl **ndond _laes mttt_r at th_ Po*totfl¢_ at Kanu* CIt , Mo• Acca tanco tar mall. O|d-fa_hinned hohesty Is high-priced, Contain ng outlines, expositions and t /L p/-ettyrface may hide a very ugly disposition, irlelfuesrternactnessus toofthe Bibbelest theoxmtsilewtic thliiefurl-l __' ' You can.never judge ofth_ character of a man by ahtre.

The mob shouted "Crucify Hin'h" "Crucify tfim," Eitra Rood singing, special phas of advertising, spectacular metho_ls and cheap vaudeville plans never do more than bring a pa_ing interest, Is there not some way lint note it was a nwb. More than 2,100 pages• Dui'- I Traintheupcoaatchhleld-w-*edaerss,• train him "up," not down able Phubb Iinsdhitn_g,r.• -.00 '. N"oeuwld Th T"isea_sptipasemater}n_te,tovie"wbthee, o"f"tfh Giersatmfdbiralsyet_ o Boffrigttghhsee, a T'fl4E Lord's day, or Sunday, which is now Turuey and other, well-knhwn Greek scholars, When a preacher finds he has gift or genius for some one sort of work he is wise if he makes | called the Sabbath and the Chrhtian Sah- among whom may be justly ebbed Dr,tthoe bmecoosmt eofanh.ailsibaibilfiotyr faaloilnugre thatat solimnee, It uinswcisoemmifonhe foprergmtritosnghipsres:plcehceiarls atboilibtyepoor pastors, simply because they insist on staking all on their preaching ability, When.

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