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Major employers include the University of Mary Washington, Mary Washington Healthcare, and GEICO.Many Fredericksburg-area residents commute to work by car, bus, and rail to Washington and Richmond, as well as Fairfax, Prince William, and Arlington counties.The city has close associations with George Washington, whose family in 1738 moved to Ferry Farm in Stafford County near the Rappahannock River opposite Fredericksburg. To the right is the steeple of Fredericksburg Baptist Church, and toward the center is the tower of St. To the left of center are two mill buildings of the manufacturing district.

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The Tidewater areas of the coastal plain had primarily Algonquian-speaking tribes making up the Powhatan Confederacy.At the time of European encounter, the indigenous inhabitants of the area that became Fredericksburg were a Siouan-speaking tribe called the Manahoac.English colonists recorded the name of the Manahoac village there as Mahaskahod.Named for Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of King George II, the colonial town named its streets after the members of the royal family.The county court was moved to Fredericksburg in 1732, and the town served as county seat until 1780.

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