Slow down dating

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Or they might wake up and realize their partner has moved a toothbrush in to their bathroom — a step they didn't realize would create such an emotional response.

Keep in mind that it's easy for these feelings to appear.

So, unless you’re already training at your absolute peak capacity and have already reached your maximum possible fitness level, which is unlikely, the chances are that with the right amount and types of training, you can steadily win back more cycling fitness than time conspires to take away from you.

In short, you could be faster next year than this year!

The first flush of a relationship can be super exciting.

You both dig one another, so you start spending a ton of time together — weekend trips, standing Friday night dates, and constant text messages abound. But then you come up for air and realize that things have moved at an intense clip in a short amount of time.

The mass of fast-twitch muscle fibres (needed to produce power during high-intensity exercise) is greatest during your 30s, where studies have shown a decline in power of three per cent per annum with one per cent per annum every year thereafter for both men and women.

Good news At first glance, this makes for depressing reading.

And that’s because these age-induced declines invariably relate to your ‘maximum exercise capacity’ rather than your current fitness level.Of course, that's something you really have to decide for yourself, says Megan Stubbs, Ed D, a sexologist and relationship expert based in Michigan."People are always looking to do the 'right' thing, especially when it comes to pacing," she explains."But it's a very individual experience." The "aha" can manifest in a bunch of different ways.A person can realize that they're not spending as much time with their friends.

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