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However, what is generally good is not good in every case. When American imperialism’s hostility to the Arab Spring took a back seat to its hostility to the Ghadafi and Assad regimes (their collaboration with Bush Jr.’s international torture ring notwithstanding), the Western left’s support for the Arab Spring took a back seat to its hostility to American imperialism.The moment the Syrian and Libyan revolutions demanded imperialist airstrikes and arms to neutralize the military advantage enjoyed by governments over revolutionary peoples, anti-interventionism became counter-revolutionary because it meant To say that the Libyans were fortunate that anti-interventionists were too weak to block, disrupt, or affect NATO’s military campaign would be an understatement.At last night's meeting, Mr Johnson said: 'It's an incredible country, beautiful white sands, beautiful seas, Caesars Palace - the real one - incredible place. Young people who want to do all sorts of tech stuff.There is a group of UK business people, wonderful guys, who want to invest in Sirte on the coast, near where Qaddafi was captured.Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.Cabinet ministers have today rounded on Boris Johnson over his Libya gaffe - as several Tory MPs have called for him to be sacked as Foreign Secretary for the blunder.In July, he likened a traditional Maori greeting to a headbutt while visiting indigenous leaders in New Zealand.He once said of the Tory Party that it had 'become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing'.

In both cases, the Western left mistakenly prioritized its anti-imperialist principles over its internationalist duty to aid these revolutions by When the going got tough and the F-16s got going over Libya, the revolution’s fairweather friends in the West disowned it, claiming it had been hijacked by NATO.But asked if he should apologise, the source said only: 'That's a matter for him.' Despite a backlash, he doubled down on the comments in a late-night Twitter rant by insisting he was making a serious point about ISIS fighters making it tougher to clear areas by laying booby traps.But several Tory MPs have demanded the Foreign Secretary is sacked for making the crass joke.He said: 'Shame people with no knowledge or understanding of Libya want to play politics with the appallingly dangerous reality in Sirte.'The reality there is that the clearing of corpses of Daesh fighters has been made much more difficult by IEDs and booby traps.'That's why Britain is playing a key role in reconstruction and why I have visited Libya twice this year in support.' Ms Allen's intervention came before the Foreign Secretary's clarification. Damian Green, the First Secretary of State and Mrs May's de facto number two, today said Mr Johnson's language was not 'sensitive'.But, in a round of broadcast interviews, he said the Foreign Secretary was a genuine expert on Libya after his recent visit.

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