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But then she decided to interview leaders of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) for a documentary she was planning about rape culture on American campuses.As a committed feminist Jaye expected to be unimpressed by these renowned hate-filled misogynists but to her surprise she was exposed to a whole range of issues she came to see as unfairly stacked against men and boys.It’s all been a fascinating exercise exposing the viciousness and stupidity of these women.The material on the original petition included total lies about the men’s rights movement but it is amazing how willing people are to believe everything they read on social media campaigns.I wrote about all in the Weekend Australian recently (October 29-30) and will include the story below for those who missed it.

Seriously, the in-laws would stay with us for 3 or more months in one go. Unless the spread consists of borscht or red caviar, she ain’t biting.Clearly this documentary has the feminists very worried – with good reason.Cassie Jaye is an articulate, 29 year old blonde whose previous movies on gay marriage and abstinence education won multiple awards.So here are my top ten major reasons to stay faraway from the Russian bride. Russian brides dating sites give us women that are… Takers It’s not really their fault, this was the nature of what was the then Soviet Union.It was a tough place to live, where being resourceful was a prerequisite to survive.

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