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Videler, who studies the mechanics of flight and swimming, thinks it used its wings not to fly or glide, but to provide extra lift and thrust when running across the water from island to island.Many modern birds run across the water in this way before taking off.Each incremental improvement in its wings would have provided an advantage - half a wing can be useful.In his 2006 book Avian Flight, Videler came up with the term "the Jesus Christ dinosaur hypothesis" to describe the idea.Or rather, it can run very fast across the water's surface - if it slows, it sinks.Now, my mental picture of the earliest known "bird", Archaeopteryx, has always been of quite a large, hoatzin-like creature living in the depths of a rainforest.The obvious implication is that Archaeopteryx evolved from a "Jesus Christ dinosaur" that could run across water, initially supported entirely by its hind legs.Over time, its feathered arms started to evolve into wings, providing extra lift and thrust.

This intriguing idea is known as the Jesus Christ dinosaur hypothesis. Not the beast of the Chamber of Secrets, but the somewhat smaller "Jesus Christ" lizard found in Central and South America, which can walk on water on its hind legs.Hi everyone, here is my homily for the FIFTH SUNDAY OF LENT – April 10, 2011. Yet He knew that He needed to endure that passion and death so that God would be able to do even more miraculous, life-changing things for humanity, namely saving them. While the Gospel we just heard is somewhat lengthy one, within that reading was the shortest scripture verse recorded in the whole New Testament: John “And Jesus Wept.” In some translations, they even drop the word “and” – which would tie it as the shortest verse in the whole Bible. Jesus wept because He realized that if the death of Lazarus could cause some of his closest followers such distress, He could only imagine what his passion and death on the cross would do to them. You’re so overwhelmed by the feelings that you’re experiencing that you’re unembarrassed by the flood of tears.Jesus wept because in spite of all of that he would say, all that he would do, some would remain entombed, some would chose to remain dead because they believed their sins were too big, too unforgivable. Jesus wept because he knows that for some people, the gift he offers of Himself so freely, so willingly, so selflessly – for some that wouldn’t be enough… Research Driven Reasons Against Living Together Before Marriage Struggling with Feeling Unattractive?

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