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Today, Franken announced he intends to resign from the U. Senate, beset by eight allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct spanning from the early 2000s to a few years ago.

The first allegation, which came on November 16 from radio host Leeann Tweeden, prompted an outpouring of women sharing stories of Franken groping them, attempting to forcibly kiss them, or saying suggestive or lewd things to them.

Franken had insisted he would cooperate with an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee into his conduct, and that appeared to satisfy most of his colleagues.

When a seventh allegation against Franken was reported in Politico on Wednesday, the patience of congressional Democrats — particularly women — ran out.

One more allegation of groping also surfaced, from writer Tina Dupuy in The Atlantic. On Wednesday night, former Franken staffers and current political allies — not to mention supporters, speaking out on social media — reiterated their support of the embattled senator.

The Washington Post reported that, for weeks, female Democratic senators had been privately discussing Franken’s allegations and informally agreed that Wednesday’s story was the “tipping point.”Calling on Franken to resign was not an easy move for many of his colleagues. Franken has done great work for Minnesota.”But the Mankato Democrat, a candidate for governor, expressed frustration that the Franken story was overshadowing the work of himself and others in the Capitol. Alexandra Fetissoff, a former Franken aide, circulated a document detailing Franken’s accomplishments “on behalf of women” during his time in the Senate.

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Before Wednesday, most Democrats in Congress were reluctant to explicitly call for Franken’s ouster.But there were factors beyond Franken’s control that hastened his ouster. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, is accused by multiple women of pursuing them or sexually assaulting them while they were minors — one as young as 14.In particular, two people: Roy Moore and John Conyers. Some Democrats grew to believe that their credibility in attacking Moore for his treatment of women was compromised as long as Franken remained in the Senate, no matter how different the allegations against them.In Alabama, as the Washington Post reported, Moore supporters used Franken as a weapon, countering any question about Moore’s misconduct with a “what about Franken?”After the initial allegations against Franken hit, it was revealed that Conyers, the long-serving Michigan Democratic congressman and civil rights icon, had been accused by multiple former staffers of sexual harassment.

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