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There's bitching, backstabbing and the most amount of shadiness on TV.

FYI, some of our most beloved saying like 'Yaaaaasss queen' and 'Hiiiiiiieeeee' originated from the queens.

But apparently that hasn't stopped Tyga from hollerin' in Kylie's direction. And it sounds like he'll say anything, exploiting her insecurities and her compromised emotional state, to do it.

Kylie Jenner's due date is reportedly February 4th, just 10 days before Valentine's Day.

In October of 2008, Hefner found comfort in the 19-year-old twins in the wake of his breakup from the original vacancy alongside Crystal Harris, who Hefner eventually married, so regardless of the innate nastiness of two sisters getting in on with the same old dude, they did somehow manage to help him transition to monogamy, since he's still married to Crystal Hefner as of this writing.

According to Karissa, the twins found Hefner's first rule of the mansion a tad difficult to follow. That was the absolute number one rule – no boys allowed. But living there and being seen out with other guys, Hugh was tripping," she told what literally everyone had already speculated about this whole scandalous romance. I went to Monte Carlo, Ireland, Italy; I went everywhere. There's just so much stuff and opportunities, it's just crazy," she said. In May of 2015, Former Vice President Joe Biden's eldest son, Beau, died of brain cancer.

Isn't he a little too creepy to be a good role model?

"He also let her know that King misses her too and asks about her all the time." That's a low blow -- mentioning a child missing Kylie, especially when her pregnancy has to be pushing her nurturing instincts into overdrive.

So really, in the scope of all of that, is dating his dead brother's wife even close to the most questionable thing this dude has allegedly done? They're each dating one half of the formerly engaged couple Tyga & Blac Chyna, who also have a son together, and whose names sound like a mixed drink only college kids and drunk people on cruises order.

Anyway, Tyga is an allegedly broke rapper who's been on-again off-again with Kylie for around three years.

" wanted Kylie to know that if she ever felt neglected that he would always welcome her back." Oh, we're sure that he would.

With open arms to embrace her and open hands to receive some handouts. shared with Kylie that not only would he treat her better but he felt he could be a better father figure to her baby too." Tyga does have experience as a parent, because King is his son, but ... Also, the dude started dating Kylie when she was 17 and he was already old enough to rent a car.

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