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She grew up in the small Western town of Grand Junction, Colorado on a 54 acre family farm.

La Ren has spoken briefly about her dysfunctional family life, where she experienced a bipolar, and alchoholic mother.

I didn’t have a chance to showcase either of those styles.

There were a lot of alliances going on this season, did you find them to be helpful or a hindrance?

There has never been a female winner on “Ink Master”, so we have been hoping that this was going to be the season that it happened.

When we saw that there was only 3 women cast and that they were all apprentices we became worried that the odds were stacked against them, but the women have held their own this season and the woman we were easily the most impressed with was Marisa La Ren.

We had a chance to talk to Marisa about her time on the show, her elimination and her relationship with Tyler Nolan (making her and Tyler the first “Ink Master” power couple), and she was just as cool as she was on the show. I liked my tattoo and thought that I did a good job that time. I fee like there were worse tattoos then mine, but sometimes that is the way the show goes.So even with someone there having your back, it never provides you safety.It’s still every man for themselves ;)Do you feel that having a relationship with Tyler helped with the stress of the competition and are you and Tyler still a couple? Having someone there that can help calm you down or pep talk you when you have a bad day is always positive.Matt O'Baugh Sherwood, AROwner, Black Cobra Tattoos Website: @mattobaugh14 years' experience Mentor to Katie Mc Gowan Matt O'Baugh has been tattooing for 14 years.After apprenticing for 1 year, the next 10 years of his career were spent working for various tattoo shops before opening his own, Black Cobra in Sherwood, Arkansas.

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