Demi lovato and sterling knight dating real life

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She dated Chad Dylan Cooper then broke up with him! Demi Lovato is 18 years old and began acting on the Barney show.

She also is a talented singer and has had concerts.

Allisyn remembered me (Alexi) since we’ve met several times. My mom talked to his parents and they said he had a great time visiting the White House!

We think we heard this episode will air in May but we might be wrong.She also played Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.She also co-starred with Selena Gomez in Princess Protection Program.After Tony signed the wall, he signed a SKATEBOARD!The warm up guy said someone in the audience was going to win it! We were so tired and just as it was ending, The warm up guy, Ezra and his brother in law , Darren, said they decided to give the skateboard to someone who was wearing a TONY HAWK shirt! At the end, the stars signed posters and books for fans. They were so proud of him and laughed super loud at all his jokes!

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