Dating ex girlfriend

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You don’t need to ask her if she still misses her ex *that would just make things weird*.

And even if you do ask her something like that straight out, she’d deny it outright. Tell her that you believe she’s been distant for a while, and ask her if there’s something you could do to help her because her behavior is not helping the relationship, and it’s not helping you trust her blindly because you’re confused by her recent indifference.

And finally, she realizes you’re such a sweet guy and starts dating you *probably because no one else asked her out in time!

* And now she’s bored of you already, because you behave more like a friend than a boyfriend.

” Somehow, your girlfriend calling her ex a dick doesn’t feel so reassuring right now, does it, especially when she grins and loses herself in a reverie after saying something mean *in a nice way* about him? Does your girlfriend ever compare you to her ex boyfriend, and show you in negative light?

Of course, she may do this only when she’s pissed off with you. Of course, it is definitely possible for exes to stay friends, but it’s not likely.

If the thought of your girlfriend wanting her ex nags you, use these 14 signs your girlfriend isn’t over her ex to decipher her thoughts.

But if your girlfriend still remembers *their song* and hums nostalgically, or points out every single place she and her ex used to hang out at, each time both of you pass by it, it only means she’s still hanging on to the thoughts of her ex and keeping it alive. She may not tell it to your face, but if you read her expressions, she may seem distracted or angry, or she may get unnaturally quiet all of a sudden. Your girlfriend may be using you as a rebound guy, either to get over her ex or to make him jealous.

But if you ever do get a nagging thought at the back of your mind, and wonder if your girlfriend’s not over her ex yet, chances are, you’re probably right!

[Read: How to deal with your girlfriend’s annoying ex boyfriend] Is your girlfriend still in love with her ex boyfriend? And you won’t always notice the signs immediately if your girl is still lost in thoughts about her ex.

And if you sneakily stare at her from the corner of your eye, you may even see her smiling to herself.

And if you weren’t around her when she bumps into her ex, and she tells you about it over the phone, you may notice that she’s more excited and alive than she normally is.

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