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From this you will see that our current generations of Baby Boomers and Generation X'ers adhere to axioms not all that different from the populus of Rome.Rage, cynicism, narcissism, moral indifference to suffering of others, the jaded and ego-driven obsessions with money, status, personal pleasure, their bodies, entertainment, and lifestyles, are the actual foundations for what is known as the New Economy.Online porno is now nearly a billion-a-year industry, and expects to exceed billion per year within five years.According to the American Psychiatric Association, 20% of all online electronic commerce is now pornography related, and as many as 2 million people, classified as "sex addicts," spend more than several hours a day surfing the Web.When American citizens overhear political candidates and media pundits extolling the virtues of the "New Economy," they should ask the following simple question: "What's so new about the world's oldest profession? Do you really think that the currently astronomical rates of Apollo-style, crash-program investments into broadband technology and fast connection DSL telecommunications cables are for home shopping or educational purposes?

She has developed as your educational resource for her research articles, books, blog, and tests, including the IAT.And, Dubya Bush, in his economics position papers and Website statements, agrees that the Information Age represents the source of our so-called national prosperity, and, that this is the way of the future.Remember, it was the Newt Gingrich-led "family values conservatives" in Congress who fought to insure the Internet would be free of bothersome government's IPO (Initial Public Offering) led the way this year and was soon followed by companies such as New Frontier Media and Vivid ("adult" filmmakers).Pornography currently accounts for 70% of the total market for pay-to-view online content, as compared to video games (4%) and sports (less than 2%) Also, e-porn was the critical margin of profit which sustained several of the leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in their earliest phases of start-up.

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