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A BYU coed missed this question on her religion test: "Where was Solomon's temple? He says, "Well, I've been in prison for the past twenty years because I killed my wife and my children." The BYU co-ed gets excited and leans over excitedly and says, "'re single?!??! Did you hear about the BYU coeds who were stuck on the escalator at University Mall for two housr during a power outage? They go down to Provo and she asks him what he earlier this year in a letter published in Street & Smith's. Since it's a 14-year pact, there is plenty of time to achieve the broad distribution this kind of programming rightly deserves."Great.Pardon our construction, but just wait another 13 years while they figure this thing out.

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Expecially the ones with the license plates on their charm bracelets. ", to which the Utah co-ed replies: "At the U they teach us not to pee on our hands."A convict gets released from Jail at the point of the mountain and he is standing on the southbound side of I-15, trying to thumb a ride. At midnight, when the hostess asked all the guests to remove their masks, the coed cried, "I don't have one on! Grease her hips and throw a Twinkie in the elevator. Even KBYU would broadcast games for those outside of Utah. The MTN has ruined it and they dont seem to give a damn. Sometimes ESPN was required and non prime time game times were the result but the games were still available. By the end of the week she couldn't get her shoes on. This deal was the end all be all TV deals or the Millennium. Some girls are ugly, but BYU coeds are the exception. One BYU coed put on a clean pair of socks every day. Last years BYU Coed Jokes One year ago, the Mountain West League and its Athletic Directors were stumbling over themselves; giddy as school girls to sign a 14 year TV deal worth million dollars.

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