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Kunal is a great listener, and customized the tour to exactly match our interests and goals.As we drove through the city, he struck a great balance between delivering interesting information, answering our questions, and just letting us soak it all in.It would have been very stressful if we had tried to come here and get around on our own.Janu can arrange tours anywhere in India, and he linked us with Kunal Rakshit of Experience Varanasi for this final portion of the journey (since we had to fly one hour from Delhi).Don’t expect a peaceful stroll: motorbikes honk and zip by you, cows block your path, and vendors come up to sell you goods.(But oh, what a way to dive into the heart of Varanasi, and live in the moment!

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(You can print a rain jacket with any type of design, or choose one from the site as I did.) While you’ll certainly experience culture-shock, India is a safe country.Yukiro and I enjoyed observing the fashion of the Indian women around us.Many come to Varanasi to visit Hindu temples, and take part in festivals and rituals. We encountered holy men or “saddhus” who have renounced the worldly life. Some wander naked, some take on pledges to never sit down, or other ascetic feats.Life revolves around the River Ganges: every day, you can see dozens of men bathing in the holy waters.The Hindu cremation ritual also takes place on the steps of the Ganges.

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