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Copies of official attorney discipline records are available upon request.

August 28, 2016 ANGELA ELIZABETH MUELLER [#266929], 38, of San Diego, was disbarred Aug.

Paramedics transported the decedent to the emergency room at Scripps Memorial Hospital where despite resuscitative efforts, his death was pronounced.

The decedent was a 44 year old female who resided in Chula Vista. Border Patrol vehicle was traveling eastbound on Otay Lakes Road.

Upon arrival at the scene, paramedics found the decedent lying on the street pulseless and apneic and advanced cardiac life support was initiated.

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Because she did not seek to have the default set aside or vacated within 90 days as required by rule 5.85 of the State Bar’s Rules of Procedure, she was disbarred and the charges against her deemed admitted. She engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in New Jersey, Maryland and New Mexico, where she was not licensed, and allowed her non-attorney staff to provide legal advice to clients.

According to preliminary investigation, on 01/09/2018, the decedent was crossing the 150 block of North El Camino Real when he was struck by a vehicle traveling in the number one lane.

A 911 call was placed and paramedics were dispatched.

The decedent was unconscious and was found to have sinus rhythm.

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