Acme dating co inc

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By 2004, Acme United’s sales had risen to .4 million with earnings reaching .2 million.

In 2007, the company bought the brand names and intellectual property of Camillus Cutlery Company, one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States, for 0,000 in a bankruptcy auction.

Acme United’s operations are in the United States, Canada, Europe (located in Germany) and Asia (located in Hong Kong and China).

The operations in the United States, Canada and Europe are primarily involved in product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, administrative and distribution activities.

This company was established in the 1890s and made rulers, blackboard triangles, protractors, etc.

In 1980, the Canadian business’s name was changed to Acme Ruler Company and in 1993 to its present name Acme United Limited.

It also introduced a line of disposable medical scissors and surgical instruments in 1965.Wheeler and Dwight Wheeler, who were responsible for its initial growth. Wheeler, became president of Acme Shear in 1941 and again expanded the company in a number of directions.Aided by World War II, Acme Shear became the world's largest maker of shears and scissors by 1946.He opened Renz Shear Shop and started the manufacture of scissors and cast iron shears.In 1873, Leo Renz, along with Robert and Mitchell Renz, and John Peck, officially incorporated their business as The Renz Shear Company.

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