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The biblical truth is spoken through each topic, and each part is explained honestly.

Jeff and Alyssa open up about their personal experiences to show the good of marriage, even through the bad things that happen.

The two basically alternate chapters which keeps the reader engaged and helps provide a well-rounded view of the issues they discuss (engagement, struggles with pornography, sex life, etc.). As a Christian and young adult, it is hard to find quality books on dating and marriage that is in depth and Christ-centered. It not only covers dating and marriage but covers topics like body image and eating disorders, pornography, and singleness.

While reading this as a single twenty-something, it is also evident that this book is applicable for married couples, parents, people who are engaged, and more. It is a great book for young adults (and those who are older) to read.

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I however loved their perspective on love and sexuality. As someone who has been married for 12 years, I found this to be like just listening to a college student's story of how they met their spouse and it does not have any depth.They continually turn the reader back to the fact that our relationship the person we love the most can only be carried out to the fullest if we are focused on the God who created us and loved us first!No matter where you are in your relationship journey, I strongly recommend you read this book.More importantly, Jeff and Alyssa continually point to the beauty and grace of Christ throughout the story, a constant theme that can be seen in the redemption of their own personal struggles within their lives and marriage.Jeff and Alyssa write in a fun, engaging way that is easy to read while also fully addressing deep topics.

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